My name is Margarita Jurjonaite and I am a Nutritionist and Pharmacist based in Dublin, Ireland.

As a Qualified Nutritionist, I work with clients who want to improve digestive and mental/emotional health. I accomplish this by integrating my pharmacist knowledge and the very best nutrition science, with personal support to reclaim health and well-being.

I have been working as a pharmacist in Dublin for over 10 years. I realised that medication, on its own, is not always a solution in complex and chronic diseases, as it only eliminates the symptoms. As a healthcare practitioner, I often got frustrated not being able to help my clients with their persistent medical conditions. I finally found a solution when I developed an interest in nutrition and functional medicine. Functional medicine assesses the underlying cause of complex and chronic illnesses. It applies personalised strategies such as diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications for the treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Applying personalised nutrition knowledge to my daily and professional life is what I am passionate about. Positive results in my clients never fail to make me happy. My recommendations are adjusted according to my client’s budget, dietary preferences and lifestyle. Í follow a practical and empowered approach that moves towards long lasting changes to attain optimal health.


MSc in Pharmacy.

MSc in Personalised Nutrition.

Coaching and Mentoring training course.

Qualified Nutritionist Dublin | Qualified Nutritionist Ireland