Why Personalised Nutrition

We believe that feeling healthy, energetic and positive is essential in order to enjoy every day of your life and this can be achieved by applying personalised nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

It is well proven and personally experienced that food which we eat, the environment we live in, stress and nutritional imbalances have a big impact on our well-being. Addressing these factors can help you to optimise your health.

If you are a person who is already taking prescribed medication, but deep down you are seeking more positive

vitality, your nutritionist can recommend personalised modifications which can be integrated and add extra health benefits to you.

If it happened that you do not feel your best, suffer from poor sleep, low energy, but your GP doctor says that all is fine, by applying bespoke recommendations on dietary and lifestyle changes you can reclaim your soundness.

Or maybe you are disease free, then simply by dealing with factors influencing health, you can further improve your vitality and prevent diseases.

How we can help you

The way we help to achieve your positive vitality is by using Functional Medicine approach. It is by focusing on the whole person, incorporating multiple systems of your body (such as digestive, nervous, immune system…).

We look for the roots of clinical imbalances such as stress levels, nutrition and diet, relationships, sleep and relaxation, exercises and genetics. Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine approach which focuses just on the elimination of the symptoms and tends to target diseases, rather on focusing on restoring the optimum function of body and organs.

Are you struggling with any of these common symptoms?

Checked box symbol Low Energy


Checked box symbol Anxiety And Depression Disorder


Checked box symbol Poor Sleep


Checked box symbol Frequent Colds
Checked box symbol IBS


Checked box symbol Digestive Issues: Constipation, Diarrhoea, Flatulence, Reflux.


Checked box symbol Food Allergies/Intolerances


Checked box symbol Stubborn Body Fat

We offer person-centred consultations, which take into account your preferences, needs and values. Recommendations on lifestyle, diet and nutrition are evidenced based which help to optimise your health. Book your consultation now with a professional Nutritionist.


“I had been suffering from skin rashes, itchy and swollen eyelids, and runny nose for years. I met Margarita to discuss whether nutrition could help in improving my health. She proffered nutritional advice tailored to my specific needs. I could immediately feel the improvement within a couple weeks of introducing the changes. It is indeed a great relief that I do not need to medicate myself daily with antihistamines and harsh steroid creams.”

DP, Cork

“After a prolonged use of high dose of antibiotics, I started to experience unpleasant digestive issues, which were a result of candidiasis. I was completely at a loss and felt confused. Luckily, after an educational consultation with Margarita, things did not look so hopeless anymore. She recommended some nutritional supplements and a few changes in my diet. Not only is my digestion back to normal, but I have also lost weight. Finally, I can eat normally, without the need to starve and am able to maintain my weight.”

RJ, Dublin

“I have spent years witnessing doctors trying to solve my indigestion problems and stomach pains. Every time, I was prescribed some different medication and went through unpleasant endoscopies. Still, my symptoms persisted. Eventually, when I consulted Margarita, she recommended a test for H. pylori, which came out as positive. Finally, the cause of my pains and indigestion is solved and I feel good. Thanks a lot, Margarita.”

TI, Dublin