1:1 Consultation

On confirmation of your appointment, a questionnaire including 3-day food diary will be sent to you. This form needs to be completed and returned at least 3 days before your consultation.

Your first Nutrition Consultation lasts 60-90 minutes. We will discuss the main presenting complaints, medical history, current dietary patterns and your main aims. We will agree on the best program for you.

You will receive your personalised dietary advice, recipe ideas and lifestyle recommendations 3 days after our initial meeting.

A follow-up meeting is recommended 4-6 weeks later.


Nutrition Consultation Fee

Initial Consultation: €90 Office/Phone/ Skype Online. This first visit will last 60-90 minutes.

Follow Up: €60 Office/Phone/Skype Online. Each follow-up visit lasts 45-60 minutes.

Nutrition Consultation | Health and Nutrition | Dietitian Services
Nutrition Consultation | Health and Nutrition | Dietitian Services


We are working with leading functional diagnostic testing companies Genova Diagnostics, Lorisian and Biolab to offer a unique opportunity to evaluate your health status by measuring how physiology of the body is functioning and detecting nutrient deficiencies.

Typical GP tests do not offer insight on physiological function as a marker of health, they only focus on the presence or absence of the disease markers.

Genova Diagnostics (GDX) – Diagnostic Laboratory Testing for Wellness & Preventive Medicine
Lorisian food intolerance test available at Nutrimeda

    Corporate wellness


On-site short consultation

20-minute consultation gives employee opportunity to discuss individual issues such as low energy, poor sleep, digestive issues, food allergies and intolerances. A 3-day food diary submitted by each employee is recreated and advice is given on how to improve diet and start working towards health goals.

20 minute short consultations are helpful to identify some dietary issues but can never replace full consultation.


On-site 1:1 full consultation

This 60-90 min consultation involves developing personalised nutrition programme tailored to employees’ health issues. Read more


On-site 60 minute lunchtime talks

Informative and interactive workshops designed to offer practical solutions to eating in a modern world. Topics include:

Food for optimum Energy
Good mood food
Food for Digestive support
Boosting Immune system
Healthy heart


Consultation fee

On-site 20 minute consultation €30
On-site 1:1 full consultation €90

Nutrition Consultation | Health and Nutrition | Dietitian Services